Do You Need Window Replacement? | Windshield Glass Repair | Hanover, VA

East End Glass shop not only provides windshield glass repair in Hanover, VA but also glass repair for your home. Sometimes it can be hard to decide when’s the right time to choose glass repair for your home so we’ve made this guide. Here are 3 reasons you should choose to get your windows repaired today!

1. Are Your Windows Damaged?

This may seem like the obvious answer, but a lot of homeowners choose to ignore this issue if the windows are just mildly damaged. If they are warped, it is futile to attempt in repair. If the windows are drafty, hard to open, hard to close, or refuse to stay in place, then it’s time to replace. Investing in new, high-quality windows will also last you a long time in the long run. Some experts say that if they are properly maintained, they can last longer than 20 years.

2. Are They Energy Efficient?

If your windows are drafty, then they can greatly increase your energy bill. Replacing your old windows can reduce your energy bill by 10%-20%. You’ll save money and can reduce your home’s carbon footprint! Of course, each energy saving window is not made the same and universal for every home. Be sure to consult with your salesperson on what’s the best option for your home.

3. Are You Remodeling?

Replacing old windows can completely transform your home. Old, shabby windows can make your house look worn, so look to see whether or not the material around the window is warping. You also may want to consider changing the window shape in your home to let in more or less light. This can completely change your space and would give your home a dramatic new look.

Need More Help?

East End Glass Shop has been serving Richmond, VA since 1965. We do windshield repairs, windshield replacement, all kinds of auto glass, as well as home glass! If you need any glass work come see East End Glass Shop! With our dedicated windshield glass technicians, you can have your glass products installed, repaired, replaced with no hassle. Our team, with decades of experience on our side, is dedicated to helping you get the quality you deserve. Our team at East End Glass Shop in Richmond, VA is committed to service. Contact us today!