3 Dangerous Risks of Cracked Windshields | Windshield Repair Richmond, VA

East End Glass Shop’s windshield repair service in Richmond, VA is the best in the area. We believe that safety is first and foremost at our company. We want our drivers to be safe on the road. People who drive with cracked windshields are at higher risk of having a more dangerous accident. Here are 3 reasons why driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous.

1. Weakened Structural Integrity

The windshield of the car actually provides a lot of structure to your car. Cracked or even chipped glass makes your windshield up to 60-70% weaker than if it were 100% intact. A Damaged windshield means that the roof strength of your vehicle is also greatly reduced and is much more likely to collapse. If for some reason you had a terrible accident, a compromised windshield could make you much more susceptible to injury or even death.

2. Increased Risk of Being Thrown From Vehicle

The windshields purpose, among many others, is to keep passengers within the vehicle. A weakened windshield is at an increased risk of being separated from a vehicle upon collision. If the windshield goes, you can go as well. Many fatalities that come from car crashes occur when an occupant is thrown from the vehicle. We know that it can be hard to think about these consequences, but we care about your safety. Don’t hesitate to get your windshield repaired before an accident happens.

3. Hinders Airbags

The windshield is actually designed to aid the air bag when it deploys in a crash. The windshield is there to provide a structure for the air bag to push back in to the passenger. If you have a damaged windshield, and the windshield removes itself while air bags are being deployed, then the airbag may not be in the proper position to protect you from head injuries.

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