3 DON’TS for Defrosting Your Windshield | Auto Windshield Repair | Richmond VA

East End Glass shop specializes in windshield glass repair in Richmond, VA, and we know that these tough Winter months can be hard on your windshield. Defrosting your car can take a whole chunk of time out of your morning commute, and we want to help you. Some people, however, choose the wrong method and permanently damage their windshield. Replacing a windshield can become very costly and is something you want to avoid. Here are 3 DON’TS to defrosting your car this Winter.

1. Don’t Pour Hot Liquid

This is the ultimate DON’T in defrosting your windshield. While some people have success, it can be incredibly dangerous for your windshield. Pouring really hot water can instantly crack your windshield and cost you a lot of cash. This happens because the extreme change in temperature can cause the ice/glass contract and put all that force on your windshield and crack it. If you’re really in a hurry, make sure that you only use warm water, though there still is some risk.

2. Don’t Use Anything Other Than a Windshield Scraper

When you’re in a pinch to get to work, you’ll do anything. That, however, can really hurt your windshield. Make sure that with these Winter Months coming in full force that you put a proper windshield scraper on your shopping list ASAP. Windshield scrapers are designed to be safe for your windshield, so please make sure you invest in one that will last.

3. Don’t Lose Patience

The worst thing you can do is defrost your windshield in a rush. With these Winter months coming in full-force, make sure you budget some extra time in your morning routine to defrost your windshield. It can go a long way and ensure that your windshield one is subjected to a rushed defrosting session.

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