3 Signs You Need to Replace Those Wipers | Windshield Repair Hanover VA

East End Glass Shop knows windshield repair and glass maintenance in Hanover, Va can be very overwhelming. That’s why we want to help. Having properly installed and efficient windshield wipers makes all the difference. Windshield wipers are always something that you forget until you need them. Here are 5 signs that you need to replace your windshield wipers right away.

1. Your Windshield is Streaky

Your windshield wipers go through a lot. You’d be surprised by the amount of gunk that can accumulate by your windshield wipers. They can by gunked up by sap, road tar, dirt, pollen, or any foreign substance. The accumulation of all these substances can take a toll on your wipers–they dry out and can crack them very fast. If you’re noticing that your windshield is getting streaky when its in use, then you’ll need to replace your wipers very soon.

2. Is It Making a Harsh Noise?

We all know that sound. If your windshield wiper makes a type of rackety, unpleasant sound while in use then it’s a sign that your windshield is wearing down fast. Your windshield wipers may make this noise when it’s raining but it’s not quite wet enough, however, if it makes this noise even when it’s sufficiently wet then this is a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore.

3. Worn or Splits?

Windshield wipers just go through a lot. Try to make time once a month to check the conditions of your wipers and all other things to do with car maintenance. Make sure to look at both your wipers–look for rounded wiping edges, cracks, or complete splits. If you see any of these things, then you definitely need to replace your wipers ASAP.

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