5 Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter | Windshield Glass Repair | Mechanicsville, VA

East End Glass Shop cares about windshield glass repair in Mechanicsville, VA and any other of your car maintenance needs. Car maintenance in the winter can be a little tricky during the winter, but it’s extremely important to stay on top of. Here is our ultimate winter car maintenance guide!

1. Check Your Wipers

Your car wipers go through a lot during the winter because of all the defrosting you have to do. Make sure that you stay on top and regularly check your wiper blades. Wiper blades usually have a life expectancy of 3-6 months depending on the conditions. If it’s been around that time and you feel like your visibility is being compromised then it’s time to replace.

2. Check Your Battery

Believe it or not, the cold can make it harder for your battery to function at 100%. Make sure you get your battery looked at when you go in for check-ups with your car.

3. Check Your Antifreeze

Though newer models of cars have coolant that can last longer, it’s still important to check on it every now and then. If your car is older and hasn’t been serviced, make sure that you have it checked out. Antifreeze can make or break a winter.

4. Check Your Tires

Your tires go through the most during the winter. Worn tires can make it dangerous for you while you’re on the road. You also should be aware of your tire pressure at all times. Cold air can drop your air pressure when temperatures drop rapidly like they do in the winter. Staying on top of your tire’s tread and pressure keeps you safe all winter long.

5. Oil Changes

Stay on top of oil changes for your car especially in the winter. The number of oil changes depends on each car, but you should be hyper-aware of when it’s time. Oil changes that happen right before winter can make it easy on your engine for hard winter driving.

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