Quick Guide: Defrosting Your Car | Windshield Glass Repair | Hanover, VA

East End Glass shop specializes in windshield glass repair in Hanover, VA, and we know that these tough winter months can be hard on your windshield. Defrosting your car can take a whole chunk of time out of your morning commute, and we want to help you. Here are 3 tips to get your car defrosted so you can get back on the road in no time.

1. Invest in a Good Scraper

The best thing you can do for those harsh Winter months is to invest in a proper scraper. A good scraper can go a long way and can make it 100 times easier to get your car’s defrost going. Another thing you should check on is your wiper blades and making sure that they’re up for defrosting season.

2. Try Prevention Methods

A lot of people find success by implementing some preventative methods. Get a spray bottle a spray bottle with 1 parts water to 3 parts vinegar. Spray your windshield at night and let it do its work. It should help in preventing frost from sticking to your windshield as much.

3. Invest in a Windshield Cover

Not everybody can make this investment, but something cool to try a windshield cover to physically stop your windshield from frosting. Though it’s not right for everybody, some people find it helpful if they live in very cold climates and expect a lot of snow. Even if you don’t want to use it every day because it doesn’t frost very often, you may just want to invest in one for periodic heavy snowfall. It’s a great way to protect your windshield for the long run.

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