Removing Ice From Your Windshield ǀ Auto Windshield Repair ǀ Richmond, VA

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With the days getting colder, and the mornings getting even chillier than that, it’s going to become a common occurrence to step outside to leave for work and see our windshields covered in ice.

Here are some tips from on different methods to remove that pesky ice from your windshield:

  • If you find yourself without an ice scraper, you can use a credit card to remove the ice instead. First, turn on your car and get the defroster going to soften up the ice. Then, use a card that you don’t use as often to scrap the ice off.
  • You can purchase a de-icer spray for your car’s windshield, or you can easily make one of your own. There are several versions of the homemade spray. The first includes three parts vinegar to one part water. The second includes a bottle of rubbing alcohol and three drops of dish soap. Take these mixtures and add them to a spray bottle for an easy de-icer spray.
  • The last method to removing ice is by using warm water. You want to get about a gallon of warm water and pour it over your windshield to melt and soften the ice on your windshield for easy removal. However, be careful that you don’t get the water too hot, because that can cause your windshield to crack.

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