Why Your Windshield May Have Cracked | Windshield Repair Richmond VA

East End Glass in Richmond VA knows that windshield repair can be a huge hassle. We want windshield repair to be reliable, well-done, and rare, so we’ve made a list of warning signs and some common reasons that your windshield cracks.

1. Do You Drive On a Gravel Road?

Driving in places with gravel is not ideal for your windshield. When you drive on it, your car can kick up some gravel that hits your windshield and can damage your paint job. Driving behind somebody on a gravel road can also increase this risk. To avoid getting hit by gravel, be sure to keep your distance from the car that’s in front of you.

2. Changing Seasons

Changing between the cold to hot can wear heavy on your windshield. Glass contracts and expands in the cold and the hot. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather changes then you may just have to prepare to spend and invest¬†constant windshield repairs. This means that it’s paramount to have a good windshield company that installs it properly to prevent any more damage to be added to your vehicle.

3. Poor Quality Windshields

Though some companies advertise lower prices, they also provide you with low quality. Cheap windshields are far more likely to break becausethere are some companies that simply don’t care about quality. Contact us at East End Glass shop, and we’ll replace your old windshield with a newer high quality one that will last.

Need More Help?

With our dedicated glass technicians, you can have your glass products installed, repaired, and replaced with no hassle. Our experienced and dedicated team wants to help you get the high quality you deserve. Our team at East End Glass Shop in Richmond, VA is committed to serving you and any of your glass needs. Feel free to contact us today!