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In Virginia, we are no strangers to summer heat. Many of us have experienced opening our car door just to be hit with a wave of heat. Trying to sit in your car after it’s been parked during the summer is like trying to sit in an oven. So, what are some ways that you can help keep your car cool while it’s parked in the heat?

Sunshades are a great way to lower the temperature in your car. You can purchase them online or in most retail stores for a reasonable price. If you don’t have a sunshade, try to park in a shaded area when you know your car will be parked for an extended period of time.

Unless the forecast calls for rain, it’s also a good idea to leave your windows cracked when you’re parking your car in the heat. Crack your windows enough to let fresh air in, but not far enough for greedy hands to reach through.

You can also keep a blanket and towel in your car to cover your steering wheel and seats while your car is parked. This is especially helpful if you have a leather interior or dark upholstery.

For more tips on keeping your car cool, check out CBS New York’s article on the topic.

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