East End Glass Shop in Richmond, VA and Hanover, VA specializes in auto windshield repair. Our mission is crystal clear: to provide high-quality glass replacement and windshield glass repair at a price you’ll love. With us, you can get it right the first time and never have to worry about safety. With our same day service and over 52 years of experience, you’ll be safe and in the clear in no time.

Keeping your windshield clean is key to your driving safety. Dirty windshields impair your vision and make it dangerous for you to drive, especially at night when vision is already lowered. Cleaning your windshield is a simple, but effective, step when it comes to your driving safety.

When you clean your windshield, you want to be sure to clean both the interior and exterior of the glass. For the exterior of the glass, you want to use some soap and water to clean off debris such as mud, bugs, and bird droppings. Spray down your windshield with a water hose and then use a soapy towel to remove all the gunk from the exterior of your windshield.

When it comes to the interior of your windshield, you’re probably dealing more so with the removal of dust and dirt. For this, you want to use a microfiber towel and some glass cleaner. To avoid those annoying streaks that show up when you drive at night, wipe the interior of your windshield in circular motions.

When it comes to windshield damage, such as cracks or chips, you will want to contact a windshield professional as soon as you can. Ignoring these issues or trying to fix them yourself can lead to further damage and inhibit your driving safety.

For all of your auto windshield repair needs in Richmond, VA and Hanover, VA, give us at call at East End Glass Shop.